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Bigger bag sizes and increased postage costs

Up until now we’ve used 200g for the practical reason of it fitting Royal Mail large letter size. However we recently switched to using more rigid cardboard mailers instead of brown paper for posting our coffee. These mailers offer much better protection for the coffee but they pushed us in to the next postal bracket.

We held off passing on to this cost on to customers until we were sure we were going to stick with the mailers. They cost £1.71 to send but we were charging you £1.27. As we’re really small it is hard for us to absorb this cost. Eventually we have decided that we really like the added protection and so we will continue using the mailers but the time has come to charge the right cost for postage.

However this isn’t all bad news – the more rigid mailers mean that we can send a 250g bag for the same price as a 200g bag now. Previously the 250g pushed us in to the higher postage bracket so we stuck to 200g but now we’re in that bracket anyway, we thought we could at least make up for the increased cost of postage by giving you more coffee! So for 44p extra in postage you are getting 50g extra coffee.

Of course if you live in Nottingham the postage is exactly the same – completely free! And our free postage for orders over £15 remains.

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