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Daterra Sweet Collection. Coffee Club 2014-11-08


This week’s coffee comes via request from one of the members who bagged a sample at #SecWed┬áin October. Daterra, Sweet Collection and is the third appearance of a Daterra coffee in the coffee club.

Our last Daterra in September we said to expect more from them by us as we bought up what we could of this year’s harvest as Brazil are expecting a poor one in 2015. The Penta system they use to pack their green beans creates a vacuum seal which is only broken by the roaster keeping the beans harvest fresh for several years and some say they even improve with storage.

We have touched on how much information we can get on Daterra beans before where we have struggled with some other farms. They have many certifications on their coffee including Rainforest Alliance on all beans and have many checks throughout the whole process. For us, Daterra is the top standard in coffee quality – expect more via Coffee Club including those we already stock and some yet to come.

Roasting & Tasting Notes

Great for espresso. Complex and elegant with a sweet fruity aroma, pleasant acidity with citrus notes. Cups with vanilla and caramel notes finishing with a smooth-sweet body.

We have roasted these to espresso (very dark) and start the air cooling process just as the beans start to show signs of the internal oils appearing. This oil absorbs back into the bean to give a strong flavour and a traditional espresso taste complimenting well with sweet beans. To brew we recommend short coffee such as espresso or aeropress.

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