El Buho, Guatamela

Plum and lemon with a grapefruit acidity and notes of almond, dark chocolate and caramel, full and creamy body

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Grown by Jorge Vides, a distinguished medical professional and award-winning coffee producer in the Huehuetenago region of Guatemala. Jorge is celebrated in both of his chosen fields, with the main hospital in this coffee growing region being named after him and his coffee regularly placing highly in the Guatamala Cup of Excellence.

The farm sits between 2 mountains which provides a stable, humid micro-climate and rich limestone soils which gives the coffee grown here a unique profile, with a rich syrupy body typical of Guatemalan coffees with a bright malic and citric acidity.

The farm is Rainforest Alliance certified, with large sections of the farm set aside as nature reserves to protect local biodiversity. The coffee is shade grown using native Inga trees which helps to fix nitrogen in the soil.

Permanent and seasonal workers at the farm are encouraged to place their children in nursery or school through an incentivisation programme. As a result there is no child labour on the farm.