El Perezoso, Costa Rica


Yellow apple and caramel, subtle herbal notes, juicy cup and cacao nibs finish


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This coffee was grown by Coopro Naranjo located in the West Valley region.

Coopro Naranjo describes itself as a socially and environmentally responsible enterprise. It is made up of around 2,000 members who each produce micro lots. 40% of members are women.

Co-op members receive training and support in agronomy and receive an advanced cash payment for their lots to provide financial security through the growing season.

The co-op has its own hydro power plant which generates clean energy for them to use in producing and processing the coffee, resulting in an energy saving of 60%.

All of their coffees are Rainforest Alliance Certified

Once coffee cherries are ripe they are delivered to the co-op’s receiving centres and dried on raised African beds. They are rested for the first day and then turned every 20 minutes for 18 days.

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