Latin blend - Fazenda Comunidade x El Rincon decaf, Brazil & Guatemala.


A blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan beans with a smooth milk chocolate and hazelnut cream body and bright apple and cherry notes.


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Fazenda Comunidade ,Brazil

sits on the border of Sul De Minas and Cerrado in the mountainous region of Ilicnea with farms rising from 1100 – 1320 masl before the land falls away into the expanse of the Cerrado tropical biome.

This beautiful area is blessed with a micro climate that provides conditions for producing unique and intriguing coffees. The soil is known as cambisolo, where the rock is still turning to soil, this places its own unique stress on the plants and the maturation on the cherry. The growers here really struggled with the winds that ravaged the crops but have planted trees to protect the soil and the plants.

The farm is owned by Luis Carlos Oliveira who had always aspired to have his own coffee farm. He worked and saved for it, and was finally able to buy a small plot of land. He tends to the farm at weekends as during the week he still needs to work in his job of construction to help support his family.

El Rincon, Guatemala

This 25 hectare farm is situated in a valley of limestone hills, protected from warm, dry winds and climate fluctuations. The climate is very stable with high relative humidity, which, along with the chalky soils of Huehuetenango define the character of this coffee.

The farm is owned by Yolanda Galindo and is run by farm manager Renardo Ovalle, who has transformed the production towards quality-focused micro-lots. Many of the plants are old bourbon and caturra trees from the early years of the farm, but the farm manager is in the process of planting new plants, along with other exotic varietals.

Coffee is fermented dry in tiled tanks for 18-24 hours, before being washed and graded in channels. After the mucilage has been washed off, the coffee is soaked overnight in clean water. This step is more common in African processing, and is rare in Guatemala, but adds to the unique cup profile of this farm.

El Rincon
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