Halaka Hamballa, Ethiopia

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An intensely fruity Ethiopian coffee from the Guji region, with a dominant taste of blueberry with notes of sea buckthorn and a passionfruit acidity.

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It has a flavour that is very much typical of Guji with a bright acidic fruitiness. The blueberry flavour is intense. Sometimes the flavours described in coffee can be hard to pick out, and it’s really just a way to describe the subtle flavours that you will find but with these beans it is very much unmistakably blueberry, to me at least. If you’ve never had sea buckthorn before it is a small sweet berry that is also really tart and acidic.

The beans were grown by larger farms than the typical garden growers of Ethiopia, with farms between 2-10 hectares using the Buno General Trading washing station in southern Ethiopia where these beans come from. Not only does this make it more sustainable and profitable for producers, but also allows Buno General Trading to train farmers on quality best practices more easily and thoroughly.

Producers deliver cherry to the station as they pick, ensuring that the selection is perfect, so deliveries come in one or two bag batches. These small lots are combined together based on the standard of cherry selection before they are washed and floated to remove dirt and damaged and less dense beans, after this the cherries are laid out on drying beds to dry for around 30 days. Like with all natural processed coffees, this long sun-drying process with the cherry pulp left on the beans results in a fruity intensity in the final cup.

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