Handege AB, Kenya

Mango, blackcurrant and lime sweetness with a caramel body.

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Handege is produced by small-holders from the Ritho Farmers’ Co-operative society. The coffee is processed at the Handege Coffee Factory washing station and sorted in to lots by size. AB is the second largest size coffee beans.

In 2010 co-operative members had a meeting to discuss the challenges they face, largely related to falling coffee prices. They decided to prioritise increasing quality over quantity. The result of this is evident in the cup, with a complex and rich coffee.

Coffee is hand sorted at the mill, with unripe or damaged coffee cherries being rejected by the Cherry Clerk. These cherries aren’t wasted but are returned to the farm where to be hand processed by the farmer and  then sold at the end of the season as lower quality coffee called Mbuni.

Growing environmental awareness means that the farmers are starting to take measures to reduce their impact, such as keeping water waste away from rivers and streams, and planting native trees amongst their coffee plants for diversity and to offer natural shade protection.

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