Mujeres de Hichozal, Honduras

£28.00 - £32.00 / kg

Orange blossom, kiwi, star fruit and pineapple supported by a bright lemony acidity and a buttery body

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A special blend of coffee from women coffee growers in Honduras, created in a partnership between the Tate Gallery and Falcon Coffee to highlight the role of women in the coffee supply chain. In coffee, and many agricultural industries, women do much of the hard manual labour but own very little of the land or means of production meaning they receive very little from the value of the coffee.

The project aimed to source a high quality coffee at enough scale to be cost effective and produce enough coffee to supply Tate’s needs while earning a fair pay for those who produce it. It’s also been made available to other roasters like us to encourage others to consider the often hidden role of women in the supply chain.


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