Pedro William Mecizo, Colombia – whole bean or ground coffee


An organically grown coffee from Colombia. Grapefruit and orange marmalade with brown sugar and a dark chocolate finish.

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Pedro William Mecizo grows coffee on his 3 hectare parcel of land in the Vereda of Puentetierra, situated in Balboa, Cauca. On the farm, the 10 year old coffee trees are grown under the shade of citrus trees and banana trees. He works in a traditional manor using organic methods.

The farm is a member of the Asproabalboa group, part of the Cooperative Cosurca who have been working hard in the communities around the Popayan region. The Cooperative have several programs with a real focus on empowering their members with education and training to help them prosper post conflict. They have also extended their micro lot program this year with the farmers to help incentivise them to produce higher quality lots. They have provided training and cupping in the field to educate growers, and have also been paying higher prices at the collection points (15% more) for coffee delivered below 11% moisture content.

At harvesting time, pickers move around the farm every 8 days picking only the ripe cherries for the best flavour and to reduce waste from unripe cherries being rejected. The coffee is pulped on the day of collection and fermented for 12-15 hours that night. The following day the coffee is washed and cleaned before being dried in a parabolic drier on raised beds for approximately 7-10 days.

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