Ywangan, Myanmar


Coconut, dates, tamarind and grapefruit with notes of orange marmalade and dark chocolate and a spicy finish. Very balanced cup and a creamy body.


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S-795, San Ramon, Catuai, Caturra




Grown by small-holdersĀ  in Ywangan, in the southern Shan State of Myanmar. Farmers in this region began growing coffee in the 1980s to replace opium poppy farming.

Coffee growers here tend to farm on very small plots of only a quarter to half an acre, on which they grow other crops such as avocados and macadamia nuts alongside their coffee. Over 1,000 such small farmers are represented by the Mandalay Coffee Group (MCG) from which this coffee was sourced.

MCG are committed to improving the reputation and quality of coffee in this region. They offer up-front payments for coffee and higher rates than farmers in this region typically receive, as well as access to higher quality processing and storage facilities than such small farmers would be able to access alone. The result of this is a delicious cup with a fruity, spicy flavour and creamy body.


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