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Five ways to brew coffee while camping

It’s summer and that means camping season is here, Whether you’re off for a week in the wilderness or hitting the festivals you shouldn’t have to forgo your morning brew just because you’re packing light. Here’s some ingenious ways to brew up while camping:

GSI coffee brewerCollapsible coffee dripper

If you regularly like to get in the outdoors and spend the night under canvas, it’s worth investing in a lightweight coffee dripper that collapses down flat when not in use. The GSI Collapsible Drip Coffee Maker folds to a slim disc so it won’t take up any space in your bag. Alternatively, the Ultralight Javadrip is a fabric filter which clips on to your camping mug so you don’t even need to take filters, handy for those who are wild camping and don’t have any facilities to dispose of used coffee filters. Being fabric, it also packs down nice and small

Handpresso Wild Hybrid

I have been crushing on the Handpresso for a while. The Handpresso is the lovechild of a bike pump and an aeropress. Seems like an unimaginable mix, but it is very much real and a fun way to make espresso on the go. You add in the water and the coffee grounds, pump to get the right amount of pressure, and then pour a perfect espresso. You can get pre-prepared coffee pods or an adapter to use your own coffee which is far better for the environment.


Aeropress & Porlex

Of course no portable coffee list would be complete without a mention of the aeropress, It’s a little bulkier than the dripper or the handpresso, but it is very affordable, lightweight, and makes a reliably good cup of coffee every time.  If you’ve gone to the effort to pack good coffee for your trip, you don’t want to ruin it with pre-ground coffee. Fresh is best! The Porlex mini grinder is one of the most compact available and is fairly lightweight. Conveniently, it also fits inside the plunger of the Aeropress making them the ultimate coffee camping combination.



Moka pot
Image from Wikimedia Commons


If your morning brew of choice is a dark, rich espresso then pack a mokapot. They are slightly bulky but very lightweight and easily fit on most camping stoves and you’ll be rewarded with a really strong cup of coffee in the morning.


Cowboy style

And if even the weight of filters is too much for you, you can brew your coffee straight in to the water for cowboy style. You’ll need to ensure the grounds have sunk to the bottom fully before drinking and don’t knock it back to fast or you’ll up with a mouth full of grinds. Not for the faint of heart but there is something satisfying about being in the middle of nowhere and drinking your coffee rough and ready.

How do you brew up when you’re camping?

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