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Why we sell whole beans and not ground

After flirting with the idea of offering ground coffee in 2013, we decided after a small trial run not to do so.

Although this made anti-business sense on paper as the pre-ground market is bigger than whole bean, and being a new business where every new sale mattered (and still does), this might seem like coffee snobbery. However we’re coffee lovers, not coffee snobs!

After roasting and degassing, the coffee bean is ready to be broken down and the goodness extracted into water. Breaking down that bean earlier than the point of brew exposes the chemicals to air, and the oils dry off. The longer it is left ground, the more of its goodness it is losing even if sealed in an airtight or one-way valve bag. A few hours after being ground, the coffee will never be the same again.

We are proud of the coffee we roast and the service we give. We don’t want this to be negated by giving you sub-standard coffee. We specially roast our coffee to order so you get it super fresh, pre-grinding it means you would lose that benefit.

We want to encourage you to grind your own so we spent time looking at cheap and capable grinders for all types of brews. Until recently we had in stock the Hario Skerton Mill hand grinder from Japan for £34.95 which met the criteria along with being a worthy investment that won’t break the bank. It will do all grinds from fine espresso to coarse filter. Our only negative point is the small burrs which take a few more turns to grind the beans compared to more expensive larger burr grinders. But the trade-off is a 75-90% price difference and stronger arm muscles.

Once you grind your own you will never look back. The taste difference is noticeable and when combined with the different types of beans available, a whole new world of great tasting coffee is opened up to you.

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