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Help us start a cargobike revolution

Two cargobikes

You might know by now we’re big fans of cycling, we talk about it a lot (maybe more than we talk about coffee!). We use an electric cargobike to make our local deliveries in Nottingham. For us as a business it’s much cheaper than using a motor vehicle and more convenient – you can park a bike anywhere. It’s also much more fun, and helps us achieve our goals of being as sustainable as possible. 

We think more people should have access to cargobikes. Most car journeys in the UK are under 10km and have only one person making the journey, but people cite needing to sometimes carry goods and transport people as reasons why they can’t give up their car. Cargobikes help with that. While they may not replace every single journey, they can replace lots of local trips and help reduce the number of cars on the road, making it easier and safer for everybody (including  those who need to drive!). 

Cargobikes, and especially electric cargobikes are often expensive and most people don’t need one every single day. That’s where commons cargobikes come in! 

The idea behind commons cargobikes is that a community based business hosts a cargobike that anybody can access on a pay what you can basis, any time they need to. This makes them more accessible to more people. This is already up and running successfully in Europe, especially Germany where it is known as Dein Lastenrad. We’re now trying to bring it to the UK, via our Nottingham roastery. We’re buying the first bikes to kickstart the scheme, and also building the bike booking platform that any other commons cargobike scheme across the UK can use to start their own free cargobike share. 

We’re raising funds to help make this happen, and are match funding every donation up to £2,000. We’ve also secured a generous 25% discount donation from Raleigh to purchase the first bikes, making it even more achievable. 

If you’re able to donate, please do so at Even if you can’t donate, we’d really appreciate it if you can help spread the word. 



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