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How to make the perfect iced coffee

There are two main ways to make iced coffee – steeped in cold water for at least 12 hours, or brewed fresh and hot then poured over ice. Each method has its benefits. A long brew over cold water reduces bitterness as heat releases the oils and chemical compounds from coffee, including those responsible for bitterness. This method gives a more subtle. clean flavour. However there is also the risk of over-extraction which counteracts these benefits.

Brewing coffee hot means that more of the coffee’s flavour and oils are released so you get more of the flavour. You can also better control the extraction and pour straight over ice at the optimum time, allowing you to get a consistently good coffee. This is Japan’s preferred method of brewing, and ours too. Here’s how to do it:

1) Choose your coffee beans. A sweet, fruity bean works particularly well, We have created a special Summer Time blend especially for iced coffee

2) Brew your coffee hot as you normally would. An immersion method that brings out all the fruity flavours of your coffee beans works particularly well

3) Fill a glass to the top with ice. You’ll need lots

4) Sweeten the coffee to taste while it is still hot as the sugar dissolves better

5) Pour the coffee S  L  O  W  L  Y over the ice

6) Give the coffee a good stir to ensure there aren’t any hot spots. Add any extra ice as required

7) Enjoy!

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