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Kitchen Coffee Machines with Style

A growing area of science known as neurogastronomy studies how our brains think about flavour. One fact emerging is that food and drink really tastes better when it is made with style. Which is why everything taste better in a swish restaurant or trendy bar. Our brains add something to how we perceive flavour which goes far beyond the drink’s chemical and physical properties. This has one obvious implication. If you want the best possible coffee at home, you need a kitchen coffee machine with real style.

Luckily, we have found three coffee machines with so much style, your coffee is guaranteed to taste better.

Want Amazing Kitchen Coffee? There’s an App For That

The brushed copper and glass construction screams style by themselves but they are just window dressing for this coffee maker. From the coffee bean hopper at the top, down to the double-walled carafe, everything is designed make the freshest, most divine coffee ever. The inbuilt grinder is designed to preserve the all important oil from the beans and delivers exactly the right amount of coffee grounds needed. The charcoal filter for the water ensures it purity and the water temperature along with the grind size and brew time can be controlled. This kitchen coffee maker can create perfect coffee but what if you are not in the kitchen? Well, the app for your phone allows to you control it remotely, enabling fresh coffee to be ready when you wake up or walk in the door from work. It will also automatically order new filters from Amazon when you run low.

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From The Wilds of Canada to Your Kitchen – Coffee For The Lumbersexual

The construction of most coffee makers does not begin by felling a tree but the Canadiano is not your average coffee machine. A block of wood, carved into a bowl, and an environmentally-friendly reusable metal filter is the sum total of this beautifully simple idea. The water and the ground coffee beans are added to the bowl and coffee drips through the filter into the mug. It’s design already proclaims style through simplicity but your coffee experience will be enhanced in another way. Over time the wood absorbs coffee oils and each Canadiano develops its own unique flavour depending on the type of wood and the coffee beans used in it. The makers recommend different woods for different beans and for the ultimate experience, to keep a coffee maker dedicated to a specific bean and roasting house. A cynical reader may notice this means buying multiple Canadianos but this is one home kitchen coffee machine worth buying repeatedly.

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Coffee Sans Kitchen, Sans Coffee Shop

It is hard to grasp but there are places in the world not within easy reach of either your own kitchen or a coffee shop. These places, known as the great outdoors, even lack free wifi. For those unfortunate enough to find themselves “outdoors”, there is no need for panic. Great coffee, made with style, is still within reach. When other people pull out their thermos flasks, the coffee-lover pulls out the Minipress. This hand-operated espresso machine goes anywhere. Wonderfully compact, with its own cup, the GR model is perfect for ground coffee. Nothing portable can match a dedicated kitchen coffee maker but this compensated by the pure style inherent in brewing a fresh espresso on top of a mountain.

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Kitchen Coffee Machines With Style was written by Chris Tregenza on behalf of Fitted Kitchens, Nottingham.

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