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How to make coffee in a moka pot / stovetop coffee maker

Brewing guide – moka pot

If you like the rich taste of an espresso without spending a couple of grand on a high-tech espresso machine, the moka pot, or stovetop coffee pot is a great option. There’s also something really satisfying about making coffee on the hob, and watching the steam come out of the spout. Here’s how to make coffee with a moka pot:

  1. Grind enough coffee to fill the basket, approximately 20g for a typical 4 cup moka pot, to a fine level, the same as you would for use in an espresso machine (although some brands of moka pot have larger holes than others. If you find that your coffee is coming out sludgy because grinds are getting through the holes, use a very slightly coarser grind).
  2. Fill up the base of the pot with water until the water reaches below the safety valve. You can speed things up by using pre-boiled water but beware that if you do, the base will be hot when screwing the top on so be careful.
  3. Add the coffee to the basket and give it a gentle shake to evenly distribute the grounds then add the basket on to the water chamber.
  4. Screw the top of the pot on and then place on the hob
  5. Bring to a boil over a medium heat, you don’t want it to boil too quickly or things could get explosive!
  6. As the water comes to a boil you’ll hear the pot gurgle and hiss, this is when the coffee is ready!
  7. Enjoy your coffee