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How to make coffee with a V60

V60 coffee brewer

V60 is a brewing style where technique (and patience) make all the difference to the flavour. While it isn’t the most forgiving brewing method – if you pour too quickly or don’t get the grind right you’ll end up with a poor cup of coffee – it yields an excellent clean and flavourful cup if you get it right. Precision and patience are key. Use scales to measure your coffee and water and a timer to time the whole process.

  1. Freshly boil your water. Save water, don’t boil more than you need! You’ll be using around 350ml of water for one cup of coffee if you include extra for rinsing. Once boiled, let the water sit for around a minute to cool down to the optimum brewing temperature of 91°.
  2. Place your cup or jug with the dripper on top on the scales
  3. Fold the filter along the crimped edge and place it in the V60 dripper
  4. Rinse the filter with freshly boiled water. This ensures that you get no papery taste in your finished brew and also heats the dripper and jug or cup
  5. Grind 20g of coffee to a medium-fine level, about the consistency of fine sand or table salt
  6. Place the coffee grinds in to the dripper and make a small indentation with the tip of a finger
  7. Set your scale to zero
  8. Gently pour a small amount of water over the coffee grinds to bloom the coffee. Use 1-2g of water per 1g of coffee, just enough to wet the grinds. Allow the coffee to bloom for 45 seconds
  9. Slowly and gently pour your water over the coffee in a tight circle until the scales display 300g, being careful not to let the water directly touch the paper filter. I use a circle that is around the same size as a 10p coin
  10. Wait for the water to finish dripping through. The whole process should take 2-2.30 minutes. If it happens too quickly you may need to use finer grinds
  11. Enjoy your coffee!