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Make the leap from instant to specialty coffee for only 32p per cup

We meet a lot of people who are interested in what we do and like coffee but only have instant at work or at home. A lot even apologise for drinking it – you don’t have to, really. We drank instant once upon a time and if you are from the UK instant was probably your first ever taste of coffee. It’s easy to make and has the caffeine we crave.

To make that leap though takes some knowledge or faith and it can leave some feeling stupid not knowing what they want/need because those in the business are talking “single origin”, “hard bean” “V60”, “flat white”, “bourbon varietal”, “cupping”, “screen size”… the list is endless.

cafetiereIgnore them. All you need is a cafetiere to make great coffee and chances are you have one in the cupboard or if not you should be able to pick one up for £10 at a supermarket.

The second thing you need is great coffee. We recommend the naturally sweet Organic Bali with a very coarse grind. It’s £6.35 for 200g and using 10 gram per cup you will get 20 cups which is 32p per cup (even if you had to buy the cafetiere it still under £1 per cup for your first bag).

Method: Add 10 grams of coffee (one and a bit table spoons) per 250ml just off the boil water (a standard ‘8 cup’ cafetiere is normally 1 litre). Stir. Wait 6 minutes before plunging. Pour into cup.

You are now drinking specialty coffee for 10 times less than what you may pay in a coffee shop. There was no queuing, it was in the comfort of your own home and lovely smell of freshly roasted and brewed coffee lingers. Enjoy.

No need to consider next steps yet but when you’re ready we are only a tweet away.

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