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Organic Gems of Araku, India. Coffee Club 2014-12-06



This week we’re back with a favourite and partly chosen so we can use a bean that suits a medium roast as it was pointed out to us that we’ve had a lot of darker roasts for Coffee Club recently and we want to offer a variety.

The organic Gems of Araku from India last came to Coffee Club back in July and sold out very quickly, so naturally we ordered some more in for our store.

Coffee had been grown in the region since the 1920s when colonial British Officers recognised the right altitude (average elevation of 911 metres (2,989 ft) and rich fertile soil would make it perfect for growing coffee, however the potential wasn’t fully nurtured.

This changed in 2001 when the Naandi Foundation (a non-government organisation) helped the Araku region gain the knowledge and tools to start growing sustainable organic coffee. Part of being sustainable meant developing a passionate and committed workforce, so men and women are paid an equal living wage.

From those turn of the century new-beginnings, they have created a wonderful coffee already which we will no doubt see more of in the speciality coffee auctions as they strive to get noticed in a tough market. It excites us that this excellent coffee will become even better.

Roasting & Tasting notes

We opted for City (medium) roast for today’s Coffee Club as this brings out the natural sweet flavour of the beans. It’s smooth as an espresso but works very well with all brewing types.


  • Low Acidity
  • Strong body
  • Very sweet
  • Smooth
  • Great aroma

Image of Araku Valley by flickrPrince via Flickr Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

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