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Saying goodbye to Facebook

Around two weeks ago we decided to stop using Facebook and its two other platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp. This is something we’d been considering for a while. While we didn’t have much of an audience on our Roasting House accounts, our other business Plastic Free Pantry has a combined audience of around 60,000 followers and we used this account to also promote our Roasting House coffee so it meant walking away from a significant marketing channel. A lot of our custom came from Instagram. 

This has been a decision long in the making. For years now Facebook has increasingly strangled the reach of small businesses, forcing them to pay for advertising to reach even those who have opted to follow their pages. We fundamentally disagree with the surveillance capitalism model of Facebook and therefore don’t want to endorse it by paying for ads. We also don’t use their tracking pixel on our websites. We’ve also become increasingly concerned by Facebook’s lack of action against hate speech. We can’t continue to endorse Facebook through continuing to use it. 

This does of course pose a challenge for an online business who reaches people through social media! So we’re calling on you to help us out. If you like what we do, please let people know. Sign up to our newsletter to stay in touch, recommend us to your coffee loving friends and family, share your favourite coffees. 

If you regularly buy coffee, why not sign for our coffee club? Regular subscriptions allow us to plan and operate more sustainably as we know how much coffee we need in advance.  

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