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Three coffees to help you get through Monday

Aarrgghh, the alarm is blaring! It’s Monday, you’ve hit snooze twice already and you know you’ll do it at least twice more. What you need is a good cup of coffee. Here are our three best beans for brewing up a Monday morning cup of goodness.

Tiger Stripe

If you’ve tried Tiger Stripe before, you’ll know why it’s on this list. If you haven’t, try it and you soon will. Tiger Stripe is a blend of 70% arabica beans for smoothness but with a 30% robusta kick. Robusta beans are naturally higher in caffeine than arabica beans but have a bad reputation for being on the bitter side so by blending the smooth qualities of arabica with the fierce bite of robusta, you get the perfect fuel for your Monday morning. Best drunk in a short, sharp espresso

Daterra Mellow

Don’t let the name fool you – this coffee is mellow in name but fiesty in nature. The beans are specially bred to give a smooth, mellow flavour with just a hint of sweetness, however they also pack a good caffeine quota, giving a pleasant buzz to your morning. Perfect for those who prefer a longer drink and a more subtle but still effective pick me up. This would be a good choice for brewing up in a cafetiere to enjoy at your desk.

Old Brown Java

Deep and dark in flavour, Old Brown Java are coffee beans which have been aged and weathered to create a rich flavour that holds its own against milk which can drown out the flavour of a weaker coffee. If you like milk in your morning brew but still want to taste the coffee, this one is for you.

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