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We’ve made some changes to our website

You might have noticed that we have made some changes to our website. This is not just aesthetic, we’ve also changed some of the ways that things work to make it easier and also added some extra product offerings.

We now have an account area so if you choose to register for an account, you’ll be able to see your previous orders. If you set up a subscription or join the coffee club, you’ll be able to manage the subscription through your account page.

You can now have your coffee delivered to a different address to your billing address making gifts easier.

Our coffee club has been extended to the whole of the UK.

We now offer ground coffee

Also currently all our payments are handled by Paypal whereas before we also offered Stripe. We do plan on offering Stripe again but as our payments system has changed to make things easier overall, it does make it more expensive to also use Stripe but we’re looking in to options and hope to get it back soon.

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