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Why we deliver locally by bicycle

We make all of our coffee deliveries in and around Nottingham by bicycle, going as far as Hucknall in the north and Long Eaton in the south. Here’s why:

1) Speed. We can roast your coffee and deliver it to you by bike on the same day, within 24 hours of you ordering

2) Cost. A regular sized bag of coffee costs £1.26 to post but only a couple of biscuits in fuel to deliver by bike. This saving is passed on to you

3) Good for the environment. Coffee travels thousands of miles to get here, giving it a hefty carbon footprint. By delivering by bike, we can at least keep the footprint at our end to a minimum. We also keep kilos of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by not using a motor vehicle to deliver

4) Good for us. Cycling is good for our mental and physical well-being. Coffee roasters who are happy make better coffee

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