About us

Hello there.

The Roasting House is run by coffee loving couple Adam & Kimberley. We started roasting our own coffee around ten years ago because we wanted to drink better quality coffee than we could find at the supermarket.

Our coffees are single origin, traceable and responsibly sourced. We like to try lots of different coffees from around the world so our offering changes every couple of months. We roast the beans in small batches so they’re always fresh when they get to you.

Our values are simple: have a positive impact on the community and the world, and have as little negative impact as possible. This means that we choose our coffee from small farms and co-operatives which have social programs to support the workers who produce the coffee.

We operate a zero waste to landfill policy and all our packaging is recyclable or home compostable.

We deliver locally in Nottingham by bicycle or use a shared electric vehicle. We also post to the rest of the UK using Royal Mail or DHL for parcels over 1.5kg.