Two cargobikes

Help us start a cargobike revolution

You might know by now we’re big fans of cycling, we talk about it a lot (maybe more than we talk about coffee!). We use an electric cargobike to make our local deliveries in Nottingham. For us as a business it’s much cheaper than using a motor vehicle and more convenient – you can park […]

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How to choose the right coffee for you

We want you to have the best cup of coffee possible, and that can be subjective. Even within our small team of two we have completely different definitions of a good cup of coffee. Adam likes darker and smoother coffees like the Brazilian whereas I like the wild flavours of Ethiopian coffee. We both agree […]

The one piece of equipment no coffee lover should be without

I’m fairly agnostic when it comes to brewing styles. Whether you drink it in a cheap and cheerful cafetiere or a £5000 espresso machine, the most important thing is that you find what works for you from a budget, time, and taste perspective. However whatever your brewing style, there is one one piece of equipment […]

Saying goodbye to Facebook

Around two weeks ago we decided to stop using Facebook and its two other platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp. This is something we’d been considering for a while. While we didn’t have much of an audience on our Roasting House accounts, our other business Plastic Free Pantry has a combined audience of around 60,000 followers and […]

Why we use compostable packaging

Packaging is such a challenging issue. We used to use the same valved bags that most other coffee sellers use, but after looking at a stack of coffee packed up and ready to go out to customers and realising that all of those bags would be in the bin soon as the multi-layered bags can’t […]

We’ll be closed 3rd – 13th October 2019

We’ll be taking some time off in early October for a well earned break so we will be closed 3rd – 13th October. You can still place orders via our online shop but they won’t be processed until we return on Monday 14th October, and then it might take us a few days to catch […]

Fazenda Santa Barbara, Brazil

From the biggest of the beans to the smallest, this week our coffee comes from Brazil, land of small, soft coffee beans. Although Brazil has high altitude growing regions, they’re not quite as high as other coffee producing countries and so coffee from Brazil grows faster, producing smaller beans which aren’t as dense. This means […]

Three easy ways to make iced coffee

Iced coffee is a perfect refreshing drink for hot sunny days or after a bike ride. Here’s our guide to making the best iced coffee, whether you want it right now or you have a little time to make it slowly. We’ll cover the fastest way first because you’re in a hurry and can’t wait […]

How to make coffee with a V60

V60 is a brewing style where technique (and patience) make all the difference to the flavour. While it isn’t the most forgiving brewing method – if you pour too quickly or don’t get the grind right you’ll end up with a poor cup of coffee – it yields an excellent clean and flavourful cup if […]

How to make coffee in a moka pot / stovetop coffee maker

Brewing guide – moka pot If you like the rich taste of an espresso without spending a couple of grand on a high-tech espresso machine, the moka pot, or stovetop coffee pot is a great option. There’s also something really satisfying about making coffee on the hob, and watching the steam come out of the […]

Bigger bag sizes and increased postage costs

Up until now we’ve used 200g for the practical reason of it fitting Royal Mail large letter size. However we recently switched to using more rigid cardboard mailers instead of brown paper for posting our coffee. These mailers offer much better protection for the coffee but they pushed us in to the next postal bracket. […]

Winter deliveries

Brrr, it’s getting cold out! The Met Office is forecasting a particularly cold winter with plenty of snow. How will this affect your coffee deliveries? We do deliver throughout winter, however if the weather is particularly bad we will most likely post coffee instead at no extra charge. If we have deliveries scheduled for a […]

Why we use bikes in our business

Back in September we were invited to talk to Mark Dennison at BBC Radio Nottingham about why we use bikes in our business. The email inviting us to speak on the show included the line “businesses that still use bicycles” which made us laugh at the idea that using bikes as a delivery vehicle is […]

We’re finalists in the Nottingham Post Environmental Business of the Year Awards

We’re delighted to announce that we are through to the final round of the Nottingham Post Environmental Business of the Year Awards. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in Nottingham on Thursday 20th October. Regardless of the outcome we’re really excited just to be through to the final round. We work incredibly […]

We’re on holiday until 25th September

We have decided to take a short holiday before we get in to the busy C-word-which-is-too-soon-to-say season and spend a few days relaxing on a beach. Therefore any orders placed between Friday 16th and Sunday 25th September will not be fulfilled until the week beginning Monday 26th. This doesn’t affect Coffee Club which will be […]

How to brew coffee with a cafetiere/French Press

A cafetiere or French Press is one of the easiest ways to brew coffee and because of that it is my personal favourite for making the first cup of the day; simplicity is important when you’ve just woken up and are still bleary eyed. As well as being simple, this method also produces really tasty […]

Make a difference with your coffee for #DoGoodFriday

This year some businesses are forgoing the imported horror show that is Black Friday and instead taking part in Do Good Friday by donating money to charity. We love this idea and so we’ll be donating 10% of all sales made between Friday 27th November and Monday 30th November to the Emmanuel House Give a […]

Christmas delivery dates

For deliveries in the Nottingham delivery area (please see Nottingham delivery area map for details): Last delivery date will be Weds 23rd in Nottingham, last orders midday on Tuesday 22nd. Delivering again between Dec 28th – 30th, no deliveries on Dec 31st or Jan 1st, then back to normal from 2nd January. For deliveries elsewhere […]

Drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day could reduce risk of death

Drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day could reduce the risk of premature death from conditions such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and neurological diseases according to researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Researchers analysed health data gathered from participants in three large ongoing studies of nurses and health […]

We’re trialling BitCoin payments

We’ve decided to try out BitCoin payments for our coffee beans. Crypto currencies is something we’re really interesting in having come from a tech background before starting Roasting House and having seen how easy it is to implement, we thought we might as well try it and see how it goes. To use it, select […]

We love this tongue in cheek coffee tutorial

Sometimes coffee lovers are accused of taking themselves and their coffee far too seriously but I personally love nothing more than a light-hearted p*** take of coffee snobbery and this video from uhhhhh does it particularly well. It’s good for the soul to laugh at yourself occasionally! Coffee Tutorial from uhhhhh on Vimeo.

Animated guide to different coffee brewing styles

We love this animated video guide to brewing coffee in different styles from &Orange Motion Design, including Aeropress, French Press, and Moka Pot. What’s your favourite brewing style? An Instant Guide to Making Coffee from &Orange Motion Design on Vimeo.

We’re on holiday from 25th September to 2nd October

We’ve worked hard this year and cycled a lot of miles delivering coffee to you fine people so we’ve decided to reward ourselves with a holiday, yay! Any orders made while we are away will be fulfilled upon our return from 3rd October and no later than Tuesday 6th (basically we’ll be working super hard […]

Review: The Bialetti Moka Pot

Like all caffeine hungry people, my search for the best coffee machine has been a long one. When Freud spoke about the ‘paradox of choice’ I have no doubt that he was talking about this very thing. The eternal question of how to make a good coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen without […]

Review: DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 4200.S

Rather than fill up Roasting House with many different coffee machines, we’ve asked coffee lovers to review the coffee makers they use to make their perfect brew at home. First up – the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 4200.S The DeLonghi Magnifica is an essential piece of bean to cup kit for coffee connoisseurs. Not only does […]

End of batch sale

We have some coffee beans which are nearing the end of the batch so to help clear some space for new beans coming in, we’ve put them on sale. We only have small amounts of each and once they’re gone they’re gone so get ’em quick! Please note, no vouchers can be used with these […]

Meet the new member of our family: an e-bike!

I’m not normally one for quoting (or probably mis-quoting) biblical phrases, but I’d like to start this post by saying judge not lest ye be judged. You see amongst cyclists e-bike is a dirty word and we’ve just bought one… As The Roasting House grows, we need new tools and new logistic challenges present themselves. […]

What kind of packaging is best for freshly roasted coffee?

Edit 8th June 2020: Please note this post is from 2015 and our packaging has changed to home compostable Natureflex since then. Keep an eye out for a post about that in the near future.  The packaging of our coffee has changed a couple of times over the course of our existence as we try […]

25% off Daterra Brazilian coffee beans

New coffee harvests coming in means we’ve decided to have a sale on some of our current coffee beans to make some room. We’re offering 25% off our Daterra Brazilian coffee beans, which are some of our most popular coffees. To claim the discount, use voucher code Daterra25 at checkout. The coffee beans are:

Kitchen Coffee Machines with Style

A growing area of science known as neurogastronomy studies how our brains think about flavour. One fact emerging is that food and drink really tastes better when it is made with style. Which is why everything taste better in a swish restaurant or trendy bar. Our brains add something to how we perceive flavour which […]

Five ways to brew coffee while camping

It’s summer and that means camping season is here, Whether you’re off for a week in the wilderness or hitting the festivals you shouldn’t have to forgo your morning brew just because you’re packing light. Here’s some ingenious ways to brew up while camping: Collapsible coffee dripper If you regularly like to get in the […]

Why we deliver locally by bicycle

We make all of our coffee deliveries in and around Nottingham by bicycle, going as far as Hucknall in the north and Long Eaton in the south. Here’s why: 1) Speed. We can roast your coffee and deliver it to you by bike on the same day, within 24 hours of you ordering 2) Cost. […]

Father’s Day coffee

It’s a fact that all dads love a good brew. Treat your dad to a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans and we can either deliver it to you or directly to them, roasted on the day of delivery in Nottingham or the day of postage for elsewhere in the UK. If you’d like us […]

How to make the perfect iced coffee

There are two main ways to make iced coffee – steeped in cold water for at least 12 hours, or brewed fresh and hot then poured over ice. Each method has its benefits. A long brew over cold water reduces bitterness as heat releases the oils and chemical compounds from coffee, including those responsible for […]

Three coffees to help you get through Monday

Aarrgghh, the alarm is blaring! It’s Monday, you’ve hit snooze twice already and you know you’ll do it at least twice more. What you need is a good cup of coffee. Here are our three best beans for brewing up a Monday morning cup of goodness. Tiger Stripe If you’ve tried Tiger Stripe before, you’ll […]

On speaking out on cycling issues and road danger

I’ve just read an article by Sophie Heawood in The Guardian and it echoed something I’ve been thinking for a while. In her piece, Sophie says “We’ve become used to living in a world where BBC broadcasters can’t say what their politics are; where religious leaders get into trouble for having thoughts on how we […]

Going from buying pre-ground to whole bean coffee

You may have been drinking pre-ground for a while. You may have only recently made the leap from instant (if you are drinking instant visit this link for the first step) but are keen to know how to make an even better cup of coffee. Your next investment should be a grinder. Even if you’re using a cafetiere […]

Make the leap from instant to specialty coffee for only 32p per cup

We meet a lot of people who are interested in what we do and like coffee but only have instant at work or at home. A lot even apologise for drinking it – you don’t have to, really. We drank instant once upon a time and if you are from the UK instant was probably […]

UK Coffee Week deal – get 50% off your first custom subscription delivery

To celebrate UK Coffee Week, we’re offering 50% off your first custom coffee subscription delivery when you sign up before the end of Sunday 10th May 2015 using voucher code UKCoffeeWeek Our build your own coffee subscription allows you to create the perfect subscription package for your preferred taste and brewing style. You can be […]

Four years as a trade coffee buyer – what I’ve learned

When I started roasting in 2011 my knowledge of coffee wasn’t what it is today. I learn more everyday about coffee and will be the first to admit I don’t know it all because nobody does. However, I have noticed a slow change in how we buy coffee compared to those early days when I […]

We now offer ground coffee

When we started, we were decidedly against selling ground coffee. What’s the point in buying nice, freshly roasted coffee if you’re going to have it pre-ground, we scoffed. But since then we’ve come around and realised that there are many reasons people wish to buy pre-ground coffee. From speaking to people, the main reason seems […]

We’ve made some changes to our website

You might have noticed that we have made some changes to our website. This is not just aesthetic, we’ve also changed some of the ways that things work to make it easier and also added some extra product offerings. We now have an account area so if you choose to register for an account, you’ll […]

Zero waste to landfill policy

Total waste to landfill in 2015: 36 grams Updates 2015-06-10 Three months since the last update and I’m pleased to say it’s still at 36g. Plastic bags are recycled at our local Sainsburys. Glass, paper and plastic go inside council recycling bins. Organic coffee waste goes into the compost. For bike servicing we are reusing rags […]

Organic Gems of Araku, India. Coffee Club 2014-12-06

  This week we’re back with a favourite and partly chosen so we can use a bean that suits a medium roast as it was pointed out to us that we’ve had a lot of darker roasts for Coffee Club recently and we want to offer a variety. The organic Gems of Araku from India […]

Moredocofe G2, Sidamo, Ethiopia. Coffee Club 2014-11-22

Article by The Roasting House for Coffee Club delivery 2014-11-22 After reading what the experts regarded as the best growing regions for coffee we realised, to our shame considering it’s the origin of coffee, we have never actually had an Ethiopian coffee in stock. We were straight in touch with our suppliers to find out what […]

Daterra Sweet Collection. Coffee Club 2014-11-08

This week’s coffee comes via request from one of the members who bagged a sample at #SecWed in October. Daterra, Sweet Collection and is the third appearance of a Daterra coffee in the coffee club. Our last Daterra in September we said to expect more from them by us as we bought up what we could […]

Park Bikeworks, Derby review

We had heard about Park Bikeworks a few weeks earlier from Twitter and were keen to try it out. Its free bike parking, showers, cafe, good food using local and seasonal ingredients, bike servicing, sports injury clinic, and cycling as a way of life all under one roof, sounded like our sort of place and the […]

Give decaf a chance

Decaffeinated coffee has a bad rep. Part of coffee’s delight is the caffeine, a powerful drug that wakes us up in the morning and keeps us awake when working to deadlines and the to-do list is growing. The coffee plant is naturally caffeinated. Best guesses as to why plants have caffeine is to protect it […]

Coffee Club. Week 19. Costa Rica, Hermosa SHB, Dota, Tarrazu. Micro lots

This week’s coffee club beans are from Costa Rica Costa Rica, Hermosa SHB, Dota, Tarrazu. Micro lots That gum you like is going to come back in style This week for the Roasting House it has been about the reboot. We were excited to learn a favourite show of ours, Twin Peaks is coming back […]

Why we sell whole beans and not ground

After flirting with the idea of offering ground coffee in 2013, we decided after a small trial run not to do so. Although this made anti-business sense on paper as the pre-ground market is bigger than whole bean, and being a new business where every new sale mattered (and still does), this might seem like […]

Coffee Bulking

We don’t and will never bulk out our coffee with other substances Something that has recently caught our attention here at The Roasting House is ‘coffee bulking’. Coffee bulking is when coffee suppliers bulk out coffee with cheaper substances. These include but aren’t limited to soil, twigs, corn, flour and anything you could imagine reasonably hiding […]