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We seek out fine coffees from around the world and roast them fresh to order in small batches so you get the best, freshest possible coffee.

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We seek out fine coffees from around the world and roast them fresh to order in small batches so you get the best, freshest possible coffee.

We select the best tasting coffees from farms which use sustainable farming practices and offer social welfare benefits such as education, housing, and fair pay. Good coffee shouldn’t come at the expense of those who produce it or the environment in which its produced.

Our packaging is either recycled and recyclable or home compostable, and completely plastic-free.

Our current coffees & teas

  • Placeholder

    Pedro Garcia Diaz, Peru

    Dark cherries, grapefruit, strong assam tea notes with hints of mint, fresh, fragrant and packed with fruity flavours

    £11.50£36.00 Select options
  • Coffee cherries drying in wooden trays

    La Torera, Honduras

    Sweet orange with hibiscus, honey, and a velvet milk chocolate body

    £9.20£33.00 Select options
  • Coffee farm

    Bogale Alito – Rocko Mountain Reserve, Ethiopia

    Strawberry, blueberry, milky way. Big bodied and heavily fruited

    £12.00£36.50 Select options
  • Coffee farm with city in the background

    Vale de Sol, Brazil

    Bright mandarin and cherry with dark chocolate, cream and a sweet full body

    £9.00£32.50 Select options
  • Coffee beans drying on raised beds

    Karambi, Rwanda

    Full of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, caramel and orange marmalade, full bodied and intensely sweet. Dark roasted.

    £9.50£33.00 Select options
  • Placeholder

    Saul Menor Taica, Peru

    Red currant jam, dark chocolate, kiwi and strawberry with dominant umami flavours and heavy, round mouthfeel.

    £11.00£32.00 Select options
  • Mound of earl grey loose leaf tea on white background

    Earl Grey tea – loose leaf 100g

    Deliciously fragrant and floral

    £6.50 Add to basket
  • Finca San Francisco, Costa Rica

    Tamarind and sweet cherry tomato with lavender and a honey sweetness, really nice body.

    £10.00£34.00 Select options
  • El Rincon

    El Caracol x El Rincon decaf, Honduras & Guetemala

    Decaf blend with notes of cherry, plums and dark chocolate. Full bodied and sweet with a juicy, apple acidity.

    £9.50£34.00 Select options
  • El Rincon

    Latin blend – Fazenda Comunidade x El Rincon decaf, Brazil & Guatemala.

    A blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan beans with a smooth milk chocolate and hazelnut cream body and bright apple and cherry notes.

    £9.50£34.00 Select options
  • Woven patch with Roasting House logo

    £5.00 Add to basket
  • Musefa Abakeno and another man with a sack of coffee

    Mustafa Abakeno, Ethiopia (low stock)

    Complex and delicate, notes of dark chocolate and black tea with lemon, red apple and strong flavours of orange honey

    £11.85£36.00 Select options
  • Fruit & blossom rooibos loose tea

    Luxury Rooibos combined with lavender, rosehip, and dried fruits to create a mellow tea which is fruity and floral.

    £4.50 Add to basket
  • Coffee multi-pack – 4 x 250g

    Not sure which coffee to get or like a bit of variety in your cup? With this multi-pack you’ll get 4 x 250g bags of coffee from our current range.

    £30.00 Select options
  • V60 coffee brewer

    Decaf coffee subscription

    Get a regular fortnightly or four weekly delivery of our decaffeinated coffee beans.


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    Gift Coffee Club subscription

    Give the gift of coffee for Christmas, birthdays, house-warming…

    Choose from 3 month, six month, or 12 month gift subscriptions.

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    Join the Coffee Club

    Enjoy a range of delicious coffees from around the world with our flexible coffee club subscription.


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Our Commitment

Local deliveries are by bicycle or shared electric vehicle
Local deliveries are by bicycle or shared electric vehicleOur suppliers  use sustainable business practices
We use recyclable or home compostable packaging
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