Our packaging

We use recycled and recyclable brown kraft paper bags to package our whole bean coffee, and for ground coffee we add in a seperate bio-plastic layer which can be composted at home or recycled with carrier bags at large supermarkets. This offers good protection for the coffee while also being environmentally friendly. We roast our coffee fresh to order and send it to you within 24 hours, either delivering it by hand ourselves or via 1st class post so the coffee is still really fresh when you receive it. Our coffee never sits around on a shelf waiting to be sold.

We have conducted an experiment comparing the flavour preservation of paper bags with typical bags and are happy with our findings. However if you are going to be storing your coffee for more than a week or two, we have provided some advice on how to store your coffee in your own reusable container. However we believe that like bread, coffee is best purchased little and often rather than in bulk and stored for long periods. To help facilitate this we offer free postage so you can buy one bag at a time without worrying about additional delivery costs each time you order.

We’ve sampled and researched lots of coffee packaging and we came to the decision to use paper as there is currently no other environmentally friendly coffee packaging currently on the market. Most coffee packaging is 2 or 3 ply with an outer layer of paper or plastic, an inner plastic layer, and a aluminum layer. Individually these layers can be recycled but once they are combined together to make a coffee bag they cannot easily be separated and therefore the bags end up in landfill. We cannot conscientiously contribute to this significant problem