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We’re on holiday until 25th September

We have decided to take a short holiday before we get in to the busy C-word-which-is-too-soon-to-say season and spend a few days relaxing on a beach. Therefore any orders placed between Friday 16th and Sunday 25th September will not be fulfilled until the week beginning Monday 26th. This doesn’t affect Coffee Club which will be delivered and posted on schedule as usual (unless we decide to do a runner and live on the beach for ever).

To help you cope with this lull in coffee delivery there will be a 20% discount on all coffees ordered during this period with voucher code RoastingHouseHoliday2016.

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Make a difference with your coffee for #DoGoodFriday

This year some businesses are forgoing the imported horror show that is Black Friday and instead taking part in Do Good Friday by donating money to charity.

We love this idea and so we’ll be donating 10% of all sales made between Friday 27th November and Monday 30th November to the Emmanuel House Give a Cup of Kindness campaign.

Emmanuel House is a fantastic organisation based in our home town of Nottingham which provides shelter and support to homeless people, a service which has increased demand and importance over the cold winter period.

Head over to our online shop to buy freshly roasted coffee and support this great campaign. 

Image of cup of coffee in snow by Kalexanderson CC-BY-2.0

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We’re on holiday from 25th September to 2nd October

We’ve worked hard this year and cycled a lot of miles delivering coffee to you fine people so we’ve decided to reward ourselves with a holiday, yay! Any orders made while we are away will be fulfilled upon our return from 3rd October and no later than Tuesday 6th (basically we’ll be working super hard when we get back and might need another holiday!) However CoffeeClub on Saturday 26th September remains unaffected and will be delivered as usual.

To thank you for your patience while we’re away, we’re giving you 20% off orders made during that period with voucher code HappyHoliday

The voucher code will not be valid until midday Thursday 24th September. Any orders until that point will be fulfilled as normal.

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End of batch sale

We have some coffee beans which are nearing the end of the batch so to help clear some space for new beans coming in, we’ve put them on sale. We only have small amounts of each and once they’re gone they’re gone so get ’em quick! Please note, no vouchers can be used with these sale beans but the sale price is lower than with any of the voucher codes or Coffee Club discount.

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Three coffees to help you get through Monday

Aarrgghh, the alarm is blaring! It’s Monday, you’ve hit snooze twice already and you know you’ll do it at least twice more. What you need is a good cup of coffee. Here are our three best beans for brewing up a Monday morning cup of goodness.

Tiger Stripe

If you’ve tried Tiger Stripe before, you’ll know why it’s on this list. If you haven’t, try it and you soon will. Tiger Stripe is a blend of 70% arabica beans for smoothness but with a 30% robusta kick. Robusta beans are naturally higher in caffeine than arabica beans but have a bad reputation for being on the bitter side so by blending the smooth qualities of arabica with the fierce bite of robusta, you get the perfect fuel for your Monday morning. Best drunk in a short, sharp espresso

Daterra Mellow

Don’t let the name fool you – this coffee is mellow in name but fiesty in nature. The beans are specially bred to give a smooth, mellow flavour with just a hint of sweetness, however they also pack a good caffeine quota, giving a pleasant buzz to your morning. Perfect for those who prefer a longer drink and a more subtle but still effective pick me up. This would be a good choice for brewing up in a cafetiere to enjoy at your desk.

Old Brown Java

Deep and dark in flavour, Old Brown Java are coffee beans which have been aged and weathered to create a rich flavour that holds its own against milk which can drown out the flavour of a weaker coffee. If you like milk in your morning brew but still want to taste the coffee, this one is for you.

Buy all three together and save £4.85


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Guatemala SHB, Swiss Water DECAFFEINATED

Guatemala Strictly Hard Bean that has been decaffeinated by Swiss Water who are the leading name in decaff specialty coffee beans.

Swiss Water remove caffeine not by chemicals but a process of washing and filtering.

Roasting these beans were interesting for us. It’s the first time we’ve ever tried decaffeinated; roasting only suits Viennese (dark) and Espresso (very dark) roast. As an espresso it produced a medium crema. The grind was quite hard but after some force with the hand grinder there was a consistent powder.

We tasted a nutty and sweet flavour and maybe it was just our tastes buds used to caffeine but we preferred using a higher volume than we normally use.

These beans are available now with A fresh bag of coffee at £8.50 for 200g. If you live in Nottingham use voucher code NottsDelivery to get free delivery.

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On sale: Rainforest Alliance Blend, Honduras


A fresh bag of coffee have reduced the price of their Rainforest Alliance Blend, Honduras beans to make room for the new Daterra beans in stock.

Normal price is £6.35 for a 200g bag but are on offer at £5.35. Use code NottsDelivery to get free shipping if you live in Nottingham, UK.

Once they are gone, they’re gone. Afboc recommend an Viennese (dark) roast but work well with all roast levels. Fruity with hints of caramel they are an excellent all rounder.

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Offer: £5 per bag including delivery, Nottingham.

Photo: Bestwood Country Park, March 2014

In celebration of the sunshine we’re offering £5 per 200g coffee bag including delivery for the week Monday 17th March to Friday 21st March 2014. That’s a saving of over 20% on our regular price.

This offer isn’t available on our website. Either tweet us @freshbagcoffee or email and we’ll be in touch to arrange delivery. Payment by cash on delivery or web transfer (details provided on request). 


You can order as many bags as you like. No limit – depending on stock.

Includes all our coffee bag products; check our website for stock items

Delivery has to be between Monday 17th March and Friday 21st March 2014.

Nottingham, UK addresses only can take advantage of this offer. Delivery can be to home, work or place of your choosing within Nottingham, UK.

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January Sale

Our January Sale:

You will get the same great quality beans freshly roasted at the same great price you did last year.

Why is that such a great deal?

Because it always has been. For us to have a January sale we would have had inferior products that were passed up by other people in December and now we need to get rid of. We could raise prices to reduce them again but we prefer the honest approach with sensible pricing. Coffee beans go up and down in price, we aim to strike a balance and if our costs do increase so much that the cost has to be passed on to the customer we will let you know exactly why and they will be fair.

For the record, there are no planned price increases at time of writing.

Is there anything else you can offer?

Yes. We have a coffee club to launch. More details in the next few days.