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  • Coffee multi-pack – 4 x 250g

    Not sure which coffee to get or like a bit of variety in your cup? With this multi-pack you’ll get 4 x 250g bags of coffee from our current range.

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  • Finca San Francisco, Costa Rica

    Tamarind and sweet cherry tomato with lavender and a honey sweetness, really nice body.

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  • Coffee Gardens, Uganda

    Sweet red cherry with vanilla, dark chocolate and tamarind spice.

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  • Woven patch with Roasting House logo

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  • Francis Arturo Romero, Honduras

    Plum and cherry, orange, dark chocolate, with a rich fudge body.

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  • Hand sorting coffee

    Burni Telong – peaberry, Indonesia

    Blackcurrant, orange and earl grey with a honey and dark chocolate body and sweet tamarind finish

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  • Kiangai, Kenya

    Blood orange, brown sugar, cocoa.

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  • Coffee farm

    Alemayehu – Rocko Mountain Reserve, Ethiopia

    Jasmine, pineapple, mango, hibiscus. Incredibly floral and complex with a juicy kiwi-like acidity.

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  • Pedro Garcia Diaz, Peru

    Dark cherries, grapefruit, strong assam tea notes with hints of mint, fresh, fragrant and packed with fruity flavours

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Showing all 9 results