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  • Coffee multi-pack – 4 x 250g

    Not sure which coffee to get or like a bit of variety in your cup? With this multi-pack you’ll get 4 x 250g bags of coffee from our current range.

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  • Coffee beans drying on raised beds

    Karambi, Rwanda

    Full of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, caramel and orange marmalade, full bodied and intensely sweet. Dark roasted.

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  • Musefa Abakeno and another man with a sack of coffee

    Mustafa Abakeno, Ethiopia (low stock)

    Complex and delicate, notes of dark chocolate and black tea with lemon, red apple and strong flavours of orange honey

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  • El Rincon

    Latin blend – Fazenda Comunidade x El Rincon decaf, Brazil & Guatemala.

    A blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan beans with a smooth milk chocolate and hazelnut cream body and bright apple and cherry notes.

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  • El Rincon

    El Caracol x El Rincon decaf, Honduras & Guetemala

    Decaf blend with notes of cherry, plums and dark chocolate. Full bodied and sweet with a juicy, apple acidity.

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  • Placeholder

    Saul Menor Taica, Peru

    Red currant jam, dark chocolate, kiwi and strawberry with dominant umami flavours and heavy, round mouthfeel.

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  • Coffee cherries drying in wooden trays

    La Torera, Honduras

    Sweet orange with hibiscus, honey, and a velvet milk chocolate body

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  • Finca San Francisco, Costa Rica

    Tamarind and sweet cherry tomato with lavender and a honey sweetness, really nice body.

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  • Woven patch with Roasting House logo

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  • Coffee farm

    Bogale Alito – Rocko Mountain Reserve, Ethiopia

    Strawberry, blueberry, milky way. Big bodied and heavily fruited

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Showing 1–12 of 14 results